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June 7   

Introduction to Ontario’s Estate Administration Tax

Learn how this provincial tax fits into the overall estate administration process

With Guest Speaker: Jeremy Bertrand

Would you like to better understand how Ontario’s Estate Administration Tax works?

Or has someone asked you to be their estate representative?

By attending our seminar, you will learn:

  • whether Estate Administration Tax could be payable on the value of your estate

  • what assets to include and exclude in the value of the estate

  • how to calculate and pay the tax owed

  • how to file an Estate Information Return.

Come spend an hour with the Ministry of Finance to gain valuable knowledge on this important component of the estate administration process.

July 5  


Geoff Carpentier

Geoff will take you on a journey through the SubAntractic and Antarctic regions he knows so well. Follow the paths of explorers, learn about the climate, the places you can visit if you go there, the incredible science that happens at the research stations, ice & snow and enjoy the incredible antics of the wild creatures of Antarctica. .

August 2  

Should Your Next Car Be Electric?

Tim Burrows

Tim Burrows, board member of the Electric Vehicle Society explains why we've reached a 'tipping point' where electric cars are replacing those powered by gasoline.  Tim also touches on the state of self driving technology and what autonomous cars could mean for the future.


Tim has owned and driven battery-electric cars for the past 10 years and has logged over 300,000 kilometres without the need for gasoline or diesel fuel.  He now enjoys sharing his EV experience with others and breaks down many myths and misconceptions about electric vehicle ownership. 

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